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My name is Maxime, most knowed by the name of mxcmaxime, I’m 19 and
I practice graphic design & development as student since 2010.


I am currently in my first year of a BTS DG CMN ("Design Graphique option Communication des Médias Numériques"), I've done a BAC S and a MANA before that and I hope I will be able to continue with a Master in graphic design.
I learned to master various useful design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D...) by myself and I am now able to use them for any type of work.


I'm in the world of design since 2010, so I could experiment graphics in various fields such as esport, web radio and even online games.
At first I worked mostly with youtubers which allowed me to discover and master various software like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects or Cinema 4D. Then I did my immersion in the world of esport which helped me to grow and which opened new doors to me.
Through these experiences I have acquired versatility on any kind of project and a curiosity which is essential in the world of design.